Pixabay Spotlight #1 Myriams-Fotos

Pixabay Spotlight kicks off with the excellent ‘Miriams-Fotos’ channel. Covering a wide range of subjects ranging from Books, Sunsets (stunning Sunsets actually), Religious imagery, Food and Drink, Nature, Family and more.

Myriams Fotos - Collage

The photos are wonderfully vivid and colorful, and display the photographer’s talents and skill  to great extent. She’s got a terrific eye and perfect timing, which are two absolutely vital attributes for a successful photographer.

Check out the full Myriams-Fotos article at http://www.artographico.com/pixabay-spotlight-myriams-fotos/ – which includes further details, example images from her vast collection, an Artographic (Infographic style), Video, links, a demo Product example (eBook cover), and more.



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